Hunting | Whakangau

We are not trophy hunters we are hunter, gatherers.

Hunting is about helping to balance our natural environment while providing food for our families, friends and communities.


Our hunting experience offer visitors an opportunity to hunt wild game such as wild pigs, feral goats, and a variety of game birds. Some of these are all year round and others are seasonal.


We provide the equipment and locations, share knowledge of the areas and animals we hunt. There are no guarantees on a hunting experience, because we hunt free range. 


For seasonal game bird shooting, you will need to obtain a licence from


Upon confirming your booking we will send you a short questionaire to guage your experience level to give us an indication of how much time will be spent on Safety instructions.


Prices are on application as hunting experiences are tailor made to your requirements. Below is what species are available.

*nb: Where possible we will try our best to stay in the Hokianga. In some cases we may need to venture outside of the local area. 





All year round


  • Wild Pigs 

  • Feral Goats

  • Possum

  • Rabbit

  • Hare

  • Turkey

  • Peacock






  • Paradise

  • Grey

  • Mallard

  • Shoveller






  • Brown

  • Californian

  • Rough Pheasant 

  • Cock pheasant birds only



Additional Hunting Experiences


Canada Geese is also available on request. The location is not the Hokianga but is approximately 1.5 hours drive north of Hokianga, and will require some time planning. Please book well in advance.


Clay target shooting available all year round.