About Us


The concept of Whispering Trails was conceived when two friends, picked up weary travelers in need of somewhere to stay. By welcoming them into their home and sharing their lifestyle, it allowed the travelers to experience a simple way of life but a life unparalleled to theirs. 

We are hunter, gatherers and work to the environment, not a tour timetable. We keep our experiences real, more personalised and not commercialised.


Enquire now so we can share our way of life with you. 

Our Values

Whakawhanaungatanga | Establishing relationships


  • We extend an invitation to you, to become a part of our family and world.


Mātauranga | Knowledge & Understanding


  • When you become a part of our family and world, you will better understand what it means to be "Tangata Whenua" People of the land.


Kaitiakitanga | Guardianship


  • With understanding comes responsibility, respect and a connection with the land.


Kōrero tuku iho | History, stories and memories


  • Share our history , stories and  memories so you too can hear the whispers of our ancestors.